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We code, create, optimise and improve user test experiences for eCommerce brands.

Collecting data is essential to help your eCommerce platform thrive. Once the data is collected, we effectively utilise it for the eCommerce market, automation and conversion rate optimization (CRO). At Under Creativity, we create pipelines and build your eCommerce brand on Shopify & Shopify Plus - to help your business succeed.

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Scaling eCommerce

We create a difference through A/B testing, UX design, hyper-personalisation, profiling and actionable analytics. We implement new experiences while increasing conversions, average order value, and decreasing customer churn. Through these steps, we can help you drastically improve sales by data-driven optimisations.

Our services

Our specialised team approaches scalable eCommerce platforms with a data-driven approach to achieve optimal success.

We achieve success through various strategies, such as; eCommerce data-driven design, data management, customer profiling, Shopify development, headless Shopify development, and much more…

A/B Testing

Testing is key for every eCommerce business, in particular, A/B testing is the basis for your brand to stay ahead of the game. We take this to the next step by combining customer profiling with automated A/B testing to increase and optimize your site on a day-by-day basis.


We engage in dynamic content, profiling, and hyper-personalization to curate conversions across web, app, mobile, iPad, and email. We produce automated and hyper-personalized dynamic content – better than any agency out there.


AI Product Recommendations

Simple product recommendations are a must in the eCommerce industry. However, it might not be enough to grow. At Under Creativity, we look beyond simple purchase patterns and help you to predict your targets group’s next purchase.

Creative Content

Our creatives work with corporations around the world, such as Budweiser, MG Motor & Just Eat takeaway. We provide the necessary innovative strategies for larger brands. From (video) content to corporate identities.

  • Branding & identity
  • Copywriting
  • Art direction
  • Corporate guides
  • Video creation

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