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Top Five Shopify Apps To Build, Grow and Manage Your Business

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When it comes to extending the functionality of your online store, the Shopify App Store has thousands of apps to choose from. There’s an app for everything, whether you want to add customer feedback, boost email marketing, advertise your products on Facebook, or obtain in-depth data.

However, with so many options, we thought it would be a good idea to highlight 26 of the finest free Shopify applications (either entirely free or with a helpful free plan) that shops and marketers may utilize.

Shopify Email

Shopify Email is an excellent marketing app for establishing an email list and managing campaigns if you want to advertise your business via email.

With Shopify Email, you can send branded emails to subscribers in just a few clicks from your Shopify admin dashboard. The program comes with a number of pre-made themes that use your store’s logo, product photos, descriptions, and other information. In just a few minutes, you may change the text and buttons.

Import your contact lists into Shopify with ease. Create and send your ads, then monitor metrics like openings, clicks, add-to-carts, and transactions to improve client acquisition and retention.


Have you ever wondered why your website’s visitors don’t convert? BetterReplay allows you to see live recordings of shopper sessions to observe how they interact with your Shopify store and what items they are interested in. With this data, you can observe where customers get stuck and solve it, as well as test fresh ideas to boost conversions and reduce abandoned carts in your store.

What’s the best part? The app is completely free and allows you to record up to 5,000 sessions every month. There is no need to code.

PayWhirl Recurring Payments

Through Shopify’s native checkout, PayWhirl makes it simple to create, manage, and sell subscriptions. Customers can create their own accounts at any moment, view their billing history, and adjust their payment plans. They can also add additional payment methods and subscription details without having to contact your customer service personnel.

Tip Quik | Tip Pop-up in Cart

Do you want to please both your employees and your customers? Customers can leave a tip for staff before checking out with Tip Quik. Using Tip Quik, you can create a personalized pop-up and place it on your checkout page in minutes. With extra money in their pockets, your employees will be happy, and your customers will have the opportunity to express their gratitude—it’ll be a win-win situation for everyone.


Easyship is a one-stop shipping app that allows you to reach clients all over the world for less money and improved conversion rates. Easyship is used by over 100,000 retailers to save time and money on their shipping services.

Easyship gives you access to pre-negotiated shipping options from couriers all over the world via a single account. It also has an easy-to-use dashboard where you can handle orders, such as printing shipping labels, saving product dimensions, retrieving invoices and receipts, and making return orders, among other things.

Shopify apps can unlock new features that can improve your site’s user experience and increase sales.

While the apps listed above are some of the best free apps available in the Shopify App Store, there are plenty more to leverage for your unique business and keep eCommerce website costs low, including cart abandonment, marketing automation, Facebook Messenger, sales channel apps for Amazon, Etsy, and more. It all boils down to locating the most appropriate software and pricing.

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