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MG Motor

MG Motors

By combining skills of strategists, creatives, directors, producers and post-production specialists, we develop effective and engaging campaigns.

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The Challenge

MG motor’s parent company Saic Motor in 2021, was ranked 60th on the latest fortune 500 lists. The leading car manufacturer creates high-quality cars with stunning designs created by SAIC’s design studios.

Recently, the company launched in Europe, becoming one of the greatest successes in the automobile market to date. Being one of the largest enterprises worldwide, structure, safety & automation become a critical point for this design.

Numerous obstacles had to be overcome before preparing for a European expansion. Delivering data in a systematic manner to car repairers and dealers was one of these issues whilst keeping this important community informed.

“10/10 would work with them again.”

Jan pietersen
Ceo heineken


Our Solution

We created a confidential system, that needed to be digitally safeguarded. Therefore, we worked with one of the safest frameworks worldwide – Django. Combining this with slick UX design, we generated a top-notch solution, suited to our client’s needs.

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